Now that the Northland has made it through another snow event, I thought this might be a good time to pose the question:  How much do you pay a snow shoveler?

Whether you're the shoveler or the shovel-ee, the question offers a couple points of discussion.  If you're the shoveler - you want to make sure that you're no getting cheated out of the money you've earned;  Snow shoveling is hard work, after all.  But on the other end of the coin, the person who is paying someone else to shovel the snow on their property also wants to make sure that they are paying a fair amount - and that they're not getting overcharged.  This can be especially a concern if the person who is having their yard shoveled is elderly; Often family members worry that their loved one is getting "took" by someone with less-than desirable motives.

So what do you think?  What's a fair amount?


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