Since I was a single mom due to divorce when my daughter Kylee was very young, Mother's Day has always been my day to spend with her.  Never thought of it any differently.  However, after talking with some full-time moms, I got the sense that they would like the "day" to be just for them, not all about them.  What side of the fence are you on?

Some full time moms said that while the kids making breakfast in bed for them or cleaning their rooms was an out-of-the-norm pleasant surprise, the rest of the day was pretty much the same.  Do laundry, play with the kids, make lunch and dinner for the family, maybe an outing to the playground and then bath time and storybook time.  That's all nice, but similar to a regular day.  What they really craved was some "me" time.

When I asked what the definition of "me" time was the answer varied from a day at the spa to being able to shop by themselves, for themselves, to just a few hours in a quiet house reading a book, internet shopping or even catching up on a recorded TV show they've had laying around for months.

This year I'm getting an incredible gift.  Kylee is graduating on Saturday from the Labovitz School of Business at UMD.  After a party with her roommates and their parents on Friday evening, a full day of graduation activities and dinner on Saturday, I'm looking forward to some R&R with Kylee and my husband on Mother's Day.  Maybe grab a burger, walk the dog on the Lakewalk and then settle in on the couch to a Gilmore Girls Marathon.  That's my ultimate Mother's Day.  We're both so busy that any time we spend together is cherished.

So what's your take?  Should Mother's Day be spent with the kids or a day away from them?

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