It's true that the reconstruction project currently underway on Superior Street has created obstacles to getting around easily in downtown Duluth. From changing routes to blocked entrances, everyone needs to keep reminding themselves that "it'll all be worth it when it's done".

One potential obstacle has been lessened - a little - thanks to the combined efforts of some parking ramp owners.  Similar to the convenience that  street-side parking meters offered shoppers (i.e. short term parking for low-cost), many ramps in downtown Duluth are offering free one-hour parking in their spaces.  The City of Duluth is promoting this as an effort to promote the fact that downtown businesses are still open and easy to shop at.

The following ramps are providing the free parking space to those accessing businesses in the construction zone, as long as you enter and leave within an hour:

  • Civic Center Ramp:  410 West First Street
  • Fourth Avenue Auto Park:  402 West Michigan Street
  • Duluth Transportation Center:  228 West Michigan Street
  • US Bank Ramp:  115 West Michigan Street

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