Tomorrow's law enforcement starts with today's students.  And while the ultimate rewards from school and training are limitless, there is a cost to attend.

That's why the Minnesota Sheriff's Association (MSA) is once again offering scholarships to local students who are pursuing careers in law enforcement.  St. Louis County Sheriff Ross Litman is encouraging Northland law enforcement students to apply for the funding.

According to the details shared by St. Louis County, the MSA is providing funding for up to 20 scholarships, with $2,000 each.

The scholarships are designed to aid and encourage interested individuals to follow their career dreams - especially when it comes to law enforcement.  St. Louis County Sheriff Ross Litman explains:

"The Board of Directors feel peace officers in our democratic society have complex duties to perform.  MSA knows the importance of pre-entry training for people considering law enforcement as their career choice, and recognizes some students need outside help in meeting the costs of such training, even though they excel academically."

The scholarships are open to anyone who is pursuing a degree and career in law enforcement.  The MSA will give "special recognition to the financial needs of students attending the peace officer skills course, or a two- or four-year college that offers law enforcement degrees".

The committee that's charged with making the recipient selections has a variety of things they're looking for.  And while the entry is wide open statewide, they do their best  with intentions towards "achieving representation from all geographic areas of the state".

Here are the three specific requirements the MSA scholarship committee is looking for in regards to applicants; those applicants must be currently enrolled in one of these three categories:

  • Mandated POST Skills Program
  • In their second year of a two-year law enforcement program
  • In their third or fourth year of a four-year college criminal justice program

Law enforcement students who meet the qualifications and are interested in submitting an application can do so at their local Sheriff's Office.  You can also do so online at  Deadline for all applications is November 19, 2022.  Scholarships will be announced by December 28, 2022.

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