Today I have my  weekly visit to the Naked Therapist Sarah White. Through therapy, Sarah has freed me  from the daily encumbrances of mere mortal men. I have risen above all and climbed to the top of the mountain, for never have I enjoyed such joy and rapture. The thrills and passions of therapy abound.

Q: What’s Naked Therapy?

It’s therapy that involves getting and/or being naked on the part of the therapist (me) and/or the patient (you). It takes place in one-on-one private web cam sessions in which we converse about whatever’s on your mind and/or you present issues and I help you think them through, explore them, and better understand them. During these sessions, I use the power of arousal to help you gain more control over your life. Depending on what you want, I start the session naked…or I start clothed and slowly get naked…or….it really depends on what you want.

Together we determine the course of our sessions. The goal is to use nakedness as a therapeutic modality so you can understand yourself and your world better, so you can feel great and powerful, and so the excitement you feel during the sessions can lead to more excitement outside the sessions. So like massage therapy uses massage, psychotherapy uses psychology, and aromatherapy uses scents, Naked Therapy uses nakedness to feel freer and stronger and healthier and happier.

Some of my clients are single men who are trying to get better at meeting girls. Some are married men who simply want to talk to a woman other than their wife. Some are having sexual or relationship problems and want help working through them. Some have unresolved issues from childhood that are keeping them from realizing their full potential. Some are frustrated and need to vent to someone. Some want to stop looking at pornography and find that interacting with me helps them do that. Some of my clients simply want to feel appreciated and understood.

But for every client, nakedness allows you to let go of restrictions and inhibitions and also instantly establishes a communicative, intimate, and trusting relationship between us. Instead of the cold, objective, impersonal demeanor of the traditional therapist, you encounter me, just as I am and with nothing to hide, and as a result you feel closer to me, less inhibited around me, and by being turned on you’re able to discover things you might not with a clothed therapist.

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