First responders are searching for a person who authorities say crawled into the sewer system beneath downtown Duluth Wednesday afternoon. I actually drove by the scene around 12:40 this afternoon coming from the radio station. I saw multiple fire trucks, police cars and 2 ambulances all with their lights on by the DTA building on Michigan Avenue and standing by the I-35 South Ramp. I drove through very slowly because I assumed their was a car accident of some kind due to the volume of vehicles all parked and police scattered everywhere.

According to CBS3 "a city spokesperson said, the person apparently entered the sewer system near 3rd Avenue West and I-35 sometime Wednesday afternoon. Authorities found the person's clothes outside of a manhole in the area, and they believe the individual is naked."

As of 2 pm this afternoon, the individual still had not been found. Authorities are not sure where this individual is in the sewer but they are working diligently as possible to locate them and bring them to safety. The Duluth Fire Department and the Police are working with St. Louis County Sheriff's and rescue officials to try and locate the person.

Seeing first hand all the construction that is going on on Superior street with heavy equipment and digging up the road I would assume this adds an extra element of danger to the person who went down into the sewer and for the authorities as well.

Stay tuned for any further details as they become available and let's hope that this individual is found quickly and is uninjured.

**UPDATE by Tony Hart**

Just after 3 PM, most first responders had left the scene and some Duluth City workers were just wrapping things up at W. Michigan St. and S 3rd Ave. W near the Duluth Transit Center.

An officer on site told me that the most likely scenario is that a homeless person ditched their wet clothes before going into the sewer system where they most likely have a hidden living spot underneath the city.

Traffic has returned to normal and that wraps up just another day in Downtown Duluth.

When the incident first started I thought there might have been a gas leak, I figured with the construction in progress on Superior St. and the presence of the Duluth Fire Department, that was surely what was going one, I never in a million years would have guessed what was really going. Ahhhhh, 2020.

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