With the Olympics coming soon, I was thinking of some of the sports I like to watch, and why I like to watch them. I am a friend of Misty May-Treanor on facebook, part of the two time gold medal winning team. She posted a picture of her and her team mate Kerri Walsh in the new Olympic uniform. I didn't like it as much as the day she posted her new USA bikini.

It was then that I realized, I'm a pig! So are you, if you are reading this far. So, let's get it under way. The 5 most naked Olympic sports.

1. Beach Volleyball-skimpy bikini on hot women, enough said. If beach volleyball was a sport in the 70's, Charlies Angels would have played it, and Farah Fawcett would have posed in a volleyball bikini.

2.Diving-Both sexes wear next to nothing in order to slip in the water faster. I'm not going to go into much detail on this because I will only further the argument that I'm a sick man.

3. Track and field-Mostly women's track and field. why is it the men wear shorts, the women wear daisy dukes and half shirts? Let me just say, I will be cheering for Kara Goucher!!

4. Water Polo-There's always a chance someone could tear off the swimsuit of one of the players. Admit that is the only reason people watch players in funny hats throwing a ball into a small net.

5. Soccer-When the men score a goal they all hump each other, take off their shirt and scream. How about Brandi Chastain, look her up in any google search and she has her shirt off. This is a sport for men to watch, women and the gay and lesbian communities.

There you go. I know, not the most politically correct, but truthful.