How exciting for the Twin Cities Salvation Army, they received a HUGE donation in one of their red kettles.  It was one of the largest donations ever made and the donors wanted to remain anonymous.  The check was dropped in a Cub Foods red kettle on Thanksgiving weekend.

It was a $500,000 check! Prior to this the largest single donation gift was $25,000.

Why did they do it?  One of the couple's fathers served in World War I and they wanted to honor him.  They also wanted to thank the Salvation Army for offering donuts and coffee to the soldiers. They remembered what it was like to be a young couple experiencing a tight budget, now that they can afford to help others, they were happy to do so.

The Twin Cities commander, Major Jeff Strickler said “We are simply stunned and honored to have received such a large gift.  This is a true blessing and it could not come at a better time for The Salvation Army and the people we serve.”

Obviously every dollar counts to help the Salvation Army meet their Christmas Campaign goal, both locally and nationally.  The Salvation Army Northern Division serves more than 481,000 people a year through its local centers of operation. Annually it serves 992,000 hot meals and provides 450,000 nights of shelter. More than 80,500 local volunteers help The Salvation Army provide these and other services, from child daycare to senior housing. That's why your support, whether volunteering or donating money is so crucial.   Please give generously when you pass a red kettle in the Northland.

Our local Salvation Army offices are experiencing the desperate need for bell ringers, can you help?

Talk to your friends, family,  co-workers or group and consider ringing bell this season.

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