The Saint Fennessy 4K is coming up on Saturday, March 14th and there will be a different look for the race.

The Race begins at Hermantown High School at 10 am, but that is the only thing that stays the same. The race continues at Arrowhead Rd, that part is the same too, but then it takes a turn north on Stebner Rd and this year will finish at Skyline Lanes, now known at Skyline Social and Games on the Miller Trunk. There will be more room for having fun and for all the finishers.

Also, instead of being held in a tent in the parking lot, the event finish will be inside at Skyline with live music and other family-friendly activities, like bowling (both traditional and duck bowling). Skyline Social and Games also offers arcade games and some VR experiences.

With the changes, Grandma's and the YAF say there will be more parking opportunities and of course they will still offer shuttle services to get back to Hermantown High School.

There are still spots available for $30 for adults and $10 for kids 14 and under. All participants will get a complimentary beverage and a winter hat and gloves.

The Saint Fennessy 4K was created in honor of longtime volunteer Don Fennessy, who passed away in 2011. You can register online or call 218-727-0947

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