Even though the news cycle has folded thousands of times since the 2012 London Olympics, the name Ryan Lochte still commands quite a bit of recognition, as the US gold medalist for swimming. Back then plenty of buzz surrounded Lochte, not only for his party boy persona, but for the various reality series offers floating his way. Now, all of America can sit back and relax, as a deal has finally come to fruition with E!. But how soon can you ask yourself, 'What Would Ryan Lochte Do?'

Yes, just as you've been clamoring for since the 2012 London Olympics wrapped up, Ryan Lochte will finally be the subject of his own reality TV series. Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour, E! president Suzanne Kolb announced the Olympic gold medalist will star in six-episode series 'What Would Ryan Lochte Do?,' chronicling the champion in his ongoing career.

From E!'s official press release:

Lochte remains grounded with the help of a loving, outspoken family. His mother, Ike, has transitioned from being the ultimate swim mom to taking on the role of Ryan’s life coach, which includes tips on dating. His older sisters, Kristen Lochte-Keeler and Megan Lochte Torrini are always there to counsel and tease him. His younger brother, Devon, is his best friend and roommate who looks up to Ryan. Ryan’s sweet side is fully on display for the world to see in his affectionate relationship with his young nephews.

As familiar as that wacky best friend, yet also completely one of a kind, Ryan Lochte was born to be on television, every bit as much as he was born to swim. “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” will follow him as he prepares for the Rio games in 2016 while building his fashion line, making buzz-worthy media appearances, dealing with his unconventional family and loyal friends and, always, searching for “the one.”

No official air date has been given for the series, but what say you? Would you be interested to find out 'What Would Ryan Lochte Do?' Sound off on E!'s latest reality series in the comments!

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