Ok I could put many jokes about the Viking not having a show, but that would be way  to easy like how easy it is for the Vikings to clean there Superbowl trophy's.  

By:Kena Krutsinger Getty Images Spor
By:Kena Krutsinger
Getty Images Spor

Ok, I had to put one in there. TBS has given life to the reality show called "Cheeseheads" Casting has been done and now we wait for next season shows and to see where this show ends up.

Here is the what TBS has for there description of the show.

" Green Bay, SI is home to the world famous Green Bay Packers and their fans: The Cheesheads. These Citizens don't just Bleed green and gold they eat victory for breakfast.  For them, being a cheesehead is more than just being a fan. It's a way of life.  This show will take viewers into the hilarious subculture through the eyes of a gropup of proud Wisconsinites as they navigate life in the only way they know how, loud, proud and with of beer. For these folks there is no off season."

So we must wait but in my opinion just anther opportunity for Green Bay and its fans to be great again.


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