The roundabout coming off the John A. Blatnik Bridge bridge to Superior has many feeling it was build to small. Add snow to the mix and people lose there minds. Even Myth Busters proved that they work.  I have a very hard stand on how I feel about the roundabout and to see the confusion and the complaining on the internet blows my mind. If you can read a sign this should not be a problem. At no point does it show that you can or should take a left on to it. If you drive the speed limit it's not a problem. Do you know what a yield sign means?

I use the roundabout every day and many times a day. I have seen many dumb people stop and yield when they are already in the roundabout, or Not yield and just blow through. The newest was someone driving over the center of the roundabout.

So pass this on and share this video that was made just for you to understand and make life safer for those of us that know how to drive.

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