It may seem like a silly question but really think about it - do you need to use your turn signal in a roundabout in Minnesota? Nothing gets Minnesotans heated more than roundabouts but maybe if we learn a little more about how to navigate them, we can learn to love them a little bit more.

Some people love them and some people hate them. Some even describe driving around a roundabout as the same as trying to solve a soduku puzzle. Reports do say they are safer but that doesn't stop people from getting angry at the sound of them.

While I was thinking about this fact, I also happened to be looking at the Minnesota State Patrol's Twitter account. I saw that someone had asked them a question about roundabouts. At first, I thought it was silly but after thinking about it for a minute, I realized I was not entirely sure of the answer to the question they were asking!

Thankfully, the Minnesota State Patrol had the answer to the question at the ready: do you have to use a blinker in a roundabout? According to the Minnesota State Patrol, the answer is no. You do not have to use your blinker in a roundabout in Minnesota. That clears up that, thankfully.

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They kept it simple, tweeting out the following in response to the question:

There you have it! The more we know about how to navigate roundabouts, the better off we will be. After all, there are some roundabout projects in the works and some new roundabouts in the area.

Over the past few months, the Minnesota State Patrol has been updating Minnesotans on the new hands-free law, letting us know how many residents have been pulled over and cited for texting while driving. At the last check in late October, more than 5,000 people had been pulled over for failing to comply.

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