I thought this was a great idea and can be done by anyone. Robert is going to bike at home and keep track of the mileage on Google maps.

He figures he is going to knock out this trip in 100 miles a week. So, he and his friends are doing this and they are all biking to different locations.

The other part of this project is when you arrive in another city or town, Google maps will tell you what the town is known for and what some of the food is. So, you can learn along the way. You can walk, run, bike, or whatever. You still get the exercise benefit and you might learn something along the way.

I'm going to follow him on the map and I will post it to a blog and I will have Robert on the radio to update his progress.

The best part is when Robert gets close to Duluth, he is going to drive up and finish the trek for real on his bike on the Aerial Lift Bridge.

robert o'sullivan facebook used by permission
robert o'sullivan facebook used by permission

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