From the upper, lower, middle & fifth falls of the gooseberry river all the way to the Canadian boarder you can make a great three day weekend ride while seeing the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. 

So here is the plan we take off early evening Friday after we all get done with work and we head up the north shore for a short ride to the first nights stay at a hotel with hot tub and some drinks and dinner. take off the next day the the rest of the stops and ending day two in Grand Portage with a night of dinner, talking of the ride and greatness of the waterfalls and tossing back some adult beverages and deciding what falls to hit on the way back Home.

Not only do we get the great waterfalls, but the drive up the north shore brings you great views of the greatest lake in the world, the rocky hills and forests are nothing but visions of nature at its best. The winding roads make for a fun ride.

Most parks have easy access to the falls with good trails, for people who might have knee issues and trouble walking. Making it a trip for anyone. Plus check out my blog about how motorcycle rides improves knee strength and Diabetes.