POPROCKS just played in Superior for the 4th of July, and I mentioned on stage that they had come in and played Duluth before and came into the studio.

Well, I found the video and nothing is more fun than when I get to have live musicians come into the studio and play. These guys are so entertaining on stage but even more, they are just as fun in the studio when they talk about the music and having to learn it to play live.

POPROCKS are made up of Minnesota Musicians and when I talked to them at their show in Superior they were taking dips in the lake and I was talking to them about their memories of coming to Duluth and Superior. The Rev came over to me and told me he made many a trip to Duluth because his Dad was a salesman and when he had to stay in Duluth and Superior he would come with his Dad and swim at the pool or Lake Superior.

With the temperatures being really hot, the band was taking a dip in Lake Superior to cool off. I was drenched standing there trying to connect with the KOOL uplink to play the official music for the fireworks. The Rev came up to me and asked if the water was ok to take a dip or stick his head in. I told him it's nice and cold.

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The City Of Superior wanted to make a big splash in their 4th of July Celebration and brought in a lot of music this year. With music playing for the Parade and for the Car show, a person could take in quite a bit.

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