For people looking forward to the relative "warmth" of springtime in the Northland, we've only gotten brief tastes of it so far this spring. It absolutely isn't abnormal to see temperatures in the 30s and get an abundance of rain and snow this time of year.

Normal or not, Northlanders are itching for a dose of t-shirt weather. And I don't mean the "I'm wearing a t-shirt at 47 degrees because I'm Northland tough" kind. Like, the real kind of t-shirt weather, where you can wear it comfortably.

The good news is, we're in for a dose of it! Sure, it is going to be brief, but the timing is going to be perfect!

As the week (and month of April) conclude, we're going to keep pushing toward 60 degrees. Then, as we kick off the month of May on Saturday, 70 degrees is not out of the question (and the sun will be out too)!

Across the area, we'll be seeing upper 50's to near 60 Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Then, Saturday, we hit that magical temperature many Northlanders consider the summertime threshold.

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While Duluth (both on top of the hill and below the hill) and Superior are forecasted to hit 70 on Saturday, areas just a bit away from the lake like Cloquet and Lake Nebagamon could see 73. This, as temperatures even further away from the lake head toward 80 (the Twin Cities could see 82 degrees)! Adding to it all, we should see limited cloud cover too.

While all of that is true, not all of the Northland will enjoy 70-degree weather. As often happens during the summer, "cooler by the lake" will be in full effect along the North Shore, with temperatures in Two Harbors only getting into the low-to-mid 60's and points north like Grand Marais only getting into the mid 50's.

While Saturday will bring many of us to (or above) that magical 70-degree mark, Sunday things return to the 60's and then the new workweek sees a return to the 50's. Still not too bad. It isn't snowy/slushy and 38, right?

As we proceed through next week and toward Mother's Day Weekend, it looks like temperatures will hang in the 50's, but just a couple days ago we weren't expecting 70 for this weekend. So, as always, things can change.

In the meantime, make the most of the 70 and embrace the fact there isn't any more snow or slush in the forecast as of right now!

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