Ladies have the push up bra now and they have changed over the years to pull push and put things in the right place for us men. Thanks!! Men don't thing that way, we want to magnify our key area we just lift weights and stuff a cucumber down our pants.

Now, there are push up jeans? Yes, so that the rear end is in the right place. C'mon guys if you see a lady coming at you and she looks great, now she has to look great walking away as well.

The new push up jeans are the brain child of Ivis Gonzales, Ivido jeans is what she calls them, but everyone else calls them "push up" jeans. Originally reported by CTV News, Ivis Gonzalez owns the Canadian based company and said her Columbian background inspired her to design the lifting jeans. The businesswoman told the station, “In South America we really celebrate our bum. It’s not about being skinny. It’s just about to wear the right thing for your body and feel like a woman.”

There are Fifty styles, including one with a built-in girdle. Ivido jeans don’t come in small, medium and large. Instead, they have non-tradtional names like Tango, Salsa and Meringue. The plus sizes come in Delicious, Sweet Delicious and Hot Delicious. They range in price from $85 to $110.

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