If finding that perfect fit in jeans is becoming a chore gals, than this article might be just the thing to simplify the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. Hundreds of jeans were tested, and only twelve were selected as The Best from Redbook Magazine.

The Best Jeans: Flat Butt

The key to going from flat to flattering is finding a pair of jeans with some Lycra or spandex for lift, wide-set back pockets to break up the turf back there, and embellished stitching to define roundness. Most important, stay away from stiff denim — it will flatten your backside like a pancake!

The Best Jeans: Bubble Butt

Women with the coveted "bubble butt" have a not-so-coveted challenge: to find jeans that fit their derriere but don't gape at the waist. Jeans with a high waist and/or a contoured seam above the back pockets (instead of dipping, it should crest upward toward the waist) are most likely to hold in your curves. Also, choose a pair with some stretch for a sag-free fit.

The Best Jeans: No Butt

The trick to creating a butt where there really isn't one is to wear jeans with eye-catching posterior details, like flap or button pockets and multicolored designer stitching, which help give the illusion of a little junk in the trunk.

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