Prince's former band 'The one and only Band as far as I am concerned' "The Revolution" finally got a star on the wall at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Members Brownmark, Wendy Melvoin, Lisa Coleman, Bobby Z and Matt Fink were huddled around Prince's Golden Star with their name just off to the side.

The members of the band were all in town for the Prince Celebration that was going on all weekend in Minneapolis and the surrounding area. I think the hold up for them not getting a star before now is they were Prince and The Revolution, and obviously Prince has his own star, but now his incredible band does too.

Since Prince untimely death the members of the band got back together and played some tribute shows which were a huge success and they continue to tour now as well. I have met Bobby Z and Matt Fink (Dr. Fink) back in the day and they were both really cool, gracious guys. This was in the hay day of Purple Rain, so it was extra special. I love that Prince's music lives on with the people who knew him the best!

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