I hate seeing live music basically coming to stop in 2020, now some hope on the horizon as First Avenue in Minneapolis is having an actual event with actual people!

Minnesota's most iconic live music venue is having its annual Halloween Party and Costume Contest on Halloween Night starting at 8:30 PM. Tickets for the party are on sale now on their website.

First Ave says on their website, "Nothing could be scarier than 2020, so we couldn’t let Halloween pass without marking the occasion." There are, of course, lots of rules and guidelines for the party, including seated tables, timed entry.

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$125 will get you 2 seats for 2 hours, 2 entries into the costume contest, and drink service, $250 will get you double that. First Avenue will seat all groups at least 6 feet from one another.

Once at the event attendees will be given a "brief wellness survey" before being escorted to their seats where you will remain, no mingling at the bar or getting drinks from the bar.

First Avenue announced that they will also be renting out space for weddings, what an awesome, dirty, fun, dirty, venue to have a wedding.

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