The weather people were talking about this in the morning that we should keep an eye out for dangerous swimming conditions.

A RED FLAG WARNING HAS BEEN ISSUED due to the fact that we may see some Rip Currents. The Duluth Fire Department is issuing a warning for dangerous swimming conditions for Park Point beaches effective immediately and continuing until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. According to a press release by the city of Duluth and the Duluth Fire Department, that means that wind and water conditions are favorable enough to make it dangers to go in the water.  Rip currents are life-threatening to anyone entering the water. It doesn't matter what your swimming experience is. There is not a lifeguard on duty so it becomes twice as dangerous.

According to, the waves are almost 2 feet tall.

There are currently no lifeguards at ParkPoint, and red flags are flying along the beach to indicate the dangerous swimming condition.

Flag locations are South Pier, 12th St beach, Lafayette Square, and Park Point beach. The Duluth Fire Dept will issue statements if things get better but for right now it's recommended that you stay out of the water.


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