The City of Duluth in conjunction with the Duluth Fire Department has issued a Red Flag Warning for Park Point - effective Wednesday, August 1, 2018 until 10:00 AM August 2.  Visitors to all of the beaches along Park Point will see a Red Flag displayed.  But what does it mean?

The Red Flag is displayed as a warning to would-be swimmers that conditions are perfect for the potential for rip currents.  Lake Superior is a large enough body of water that it doesn't act like most inland lakes; fact of the matter is that Lake Superior is large enough that it acts more like an ocean.  Due to that fact, many are unaware that rip currents are possible in our Great Lake.

Duluth public beaches aren't manned by a life guard - which makes it imperative that visitors follow the flags and signs. Red Flags mean that dangerous swimming conditions are present and everyone should stay out of the water - regardless of their abilities.

Flag locations in Duluth include South Pier ,12th Street Beach, Lafayette Square, and Park Point Beach.  Click here for more details.




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