Here's disturbing news that the products we use around the house really do come back to haunt us.  U.S. government scientists released recent test results showing high levels of Glyphosate in the air and water in two states;  Glyphosate is commonly known as Round Up Weed Killer on the commercial market.


Now, members of the Environmental Working Group want to know if the Monsanto Company - makers of Roundup - knew of these high levels and when they learned of them.

EWG President Ken Cook, a St. Louis native, has written Hugh Grant, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Monsanto Company, asking him when the company had reason to believe glyphosate would extensively contaminate water and air and if the company had conducted tests of its own.

"Monsanto notoriously hid PCB contamination in Alabama for decades," Cook observed.

"We are asking that in this case, the company tell the public what it knew about glyphosate contamination, and when it knew it," Cook said. "It is inconceivable that a company with Monsanto's scientific capacity did not predict, and examine, the possibility of air and water contamination by glyphosate."

"We believe that Monsanto has a special obligation to ensure that glyphosate does not pollute the drinking water of Americans living in farm communities," added Cook. "We urge you to disclose results of any testing for glyphosate in drinking water that Monsanto has performed or commissioned in areas where your product is heavily used."


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