There is yet another COVID-19 scam you need to be aware of. This one includes a text message and a fake link.

According to KEYC News out of Mankato, the scam begins with a text message, claiming that someone you came into contact with has contracted the virus and therefore, you need to get tested. The text is followed up by a link that users can click.

The Thomaston Police Department out of Maine was the first to report on the scam, sharing a screen grab of the message in question on their Facebook page Wednesday (April 15th). The department warns the text is not from an official agency and the link is likely a phishing attempt to get your personal information.

There is no word of this specific scam hitting Minnesota just yet but it is always good to be aware of all scams and phishing attempts in the nation so you can avoid being a victim in the event a similar one pops up in our area.

There have been similar scams in our area recently, however. In early March, the BBB issued a warning about a similar text message scam relating to COVID-19. Scammers have also been targeting people by posing as members of the Social Security Administration. Two scams targeting the elderly population have even been reported earlier this month.

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