The All-American Club/Elk's Lodge #133 is trying to help area food banks with an interesting idea.

It started on December 1st, and if you want to participate you just have to catch up. Take a picture of your box and send it to them. You can register on their facebook page.

This is the time of year the food banks need your help. The All-American Club/Elk's Lodge #133 is trying to help with a fun REVERSE ADVENT CALENDAR.

They would also like you to drop off your boxes at:
DULUTH, MN 55806
Here's how it works. Each day you add an item to the box. On Christmas Eve (or whenever you can drop it by) donate the contents of the box to a food bank.

December 1 Box of Cereal
December 2 Jar of Peanut Butter
December 3 Stuffing Mix
December 4 Box of Spuds
December 5 Mac and Cheese
December 6 Canned Fruit
December 7 Can of Tomatoes
December 8 Tuna
December 9 Dessert Mix
December 10 Applesauce
December 11 Sweet Potatoes
December 12 Cranberry Sauce
December 13 Can of Beans
December 14 Crackers
December 15 Rice
December 16 Oatmeal
December 17 Pasta
December 18 Spaghetti Sauce
December 19 Chicken Noodle Soup
December 20 Tomato Soup
December 21 Can of Corn
December 22 Can of Vegetables
December 23 Can of Carrots
December 24 Can of Green Beans

You can substitute whatever you want on the list that is non-perishable.

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