And you thought your parents made some questionable decisions while raising you.

A mother and father in Chine are in some hot water after video surfaced to back up a claim they ordered their eight-year-old daughter to run into traffic to get hit by cars in a bid to bilk money out of the drivers.

The girl would pretend to get hit, although there were reportedly multiple times when she got legitimately hurt after actually cars really did bump her.

It's not exactly clear what led authorities to catch on to the scheme, but according China Global Television Network, which posted a video of multiple episodes (see above), there was one incident which may have been their downfall, in which the man and his ex-wife created a stir when they were brought to a police station after one driver called authorities. Officials then saw dashcam footage, which clued them in to what they may have been trying to do.

"A local police officer said the suspects choose their fraud victims by looking for people who drive slowly on busy roads and are not familiar with the roads," reports CGTN.

The couple is now being investigated for fraud, while the little girl has been placed in a welfare facility.

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