Do you want a good paranormal story? Chances are, Chad Lews has been there to see it and talk about it.

Chad Lewis is a researcher, author, and lecturer on topics of the paranormal, strange, and unusual. The reason people listen to his stories? They are good, and they are local. He researches and learns about stories in our back yard. He has stories from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan.

Chad has written a story about a creature from Northern Minnesota called the Wendigo. He says it's believed to exist around a Lake by the same name. They are flesh-eaters in some cultures, they are prophets of death in others, but one thing is true, people around the areas there have been sightings are very afraid and won't speak their name.

Paranormal Authority says a wendigo, is thought of as an evil spirit, part human and part animal. It can possess people to commit crimes of greed, lust, and hunger. As the legend progressed, the creature was said to have an unending thirst for human flesh, and that's why people are very afraid of this manifestation. It can make you do things you don't want to, or just eat you.

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According to legends of America, they have been part of the native culture for many years. The creature is not allowed to be talked about because the culture believes if you talk about them, they know where you are and that you know about them. So, it is hard to get some of the stories from the elders of some of the tribes who have passed down stories.

Chad has other stories to share but loves investigating. If you have a story to share he wants you to contact him, you can do so by going to his website.

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