Yikes. That's one word to describe what we could be looking at for January in terms of the weather.

The Old Farmer's Almanac has made their predictions for the start of the year and if you're a fan of snow, you'll be happy. If you're not, I apologize in advance. Ha!

January 1st through the 4th: we will see a snowstorm event.

January 5th through the 9th: we will see flurries and cold conditions.

January 10th through the 15th: expect periods of snow and cold temperatures.

January 16th through the 23rd: there will be periods of snow followed by mild temperatures followed by bitter cold.

January 24th through the 28th: more periods of snow, with snow showers and mild conditions.

January 29th through the 31st: there will be flurries with very cold conditions.

Some good news? We will see an average temperature of 14 degrees, which is actually one degree above average. We will see about two inches of precipitation, which will peak one inch above average.

The publication makes long-term weather forecasts based on region. Our region includes a good chunk of Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas.

The Old Farmer's Almanac predicted a mild December, which wasn't entirely true. We will see if their predictions for January come true!

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