Similar to the reversal he made during the 2008 campaign - when he was first against public financing for the general election and then for it once he became the Democratic nominee, Barack Obama is again changing course mid-stream on one of his campaign issues.

On a conference call with members of President Obama’s 2012 reelection committee Monday evening, campaign manager Jim Messina announced that donors should start funding Priorities USA, the Democratic super PAC run by two former White House staffers, Bill Burton and Sean Sweeney.

The move was a remarkable shift in approach toward the independent political expenditure groups, whose role in the political process Obama has criticized and from which his campaign had sought to keep distance.

It wasn't that long ago that Obama was against such PAC money.

Just seven months earlier, Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt assured, “Neither the President nor his campaign staff or aides will fundraise for super PACs,” according to the LA Times.

He had also been critical of PAC groups back in the mid-term 2010 election cycle.

Specifically President Obama repeatedly protested the way these groups filled the airwaves with television ads – essentially from anonymous contributors.

“They don’t have the courage to stand up and disclose their identities,” President Obama said on Oct. 15, 2010, of these groups’ donors while campaigning in Wilmington, Del. “They could be insurance companies or Wall Street banks or even foreign-owned corporations. We will not know because there’s no disclosure. But this isn’t just a threat to the Democrats: It’s a threat to our democracy.”