The North Shore Scenic Railroad, located in the Depot at 506 West Michigan Street in Duluth, has several options to choose from when wanting to ride the rails. I’ve enjoyed the amenities of the couples dinner train several times (I’ve even been a server that served soup while on heels on the dinner train, not recommended!) When my daughter Kylee was young we shared a meal of pizza on the pizza train and I’ve waved to countless tourists and natives while roles were switched and they were on the train and I’m was on the Lakewalk. So, when I was biking near the Depot and saw the one with the solarium on top called the Silver Club, I knew I needed to learn more.

We were lucky enough to catch a ride on the Silver Club Car, a train car with a glass dome with Executive Director, Ken Buehler. He explains the improvements they’ve done to the Silver Club train car and what makes it so historically special.

Thank you to Ken Buehler and his staff for the hospitality and opportunity to showcase one of Duluth’s finest amenities.

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