The Minnesota Senate has decided not to go ahead with the proposed Northern Lights Express. The passenger train had a route from Minneapolis to Duluth with stops along the way.

The Senate voted this past Monday to prohibit planning for the proposed passenger rail. According to MPR, Senator David Osmek said the proposed passenger train is not the type of transportation that Minnesota needs. Osmek went on to say:

The Northern Lights passenger rail system is a bad idea that is a 19th century solution to transportation in Minnesota... It’s like asking us to spend money on buggy whips.

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Buggy whips? A buggy whip is a horsewhip once used by a driver of a buggy. Since buggies have been replaced by cars, it has become a symbol for anything that is outdated.

The proposed Northern Lights Express passenger rail service would connect Minneapolis and Duluth. Stops along the way would include Coon Rapids, Cambridge, Hinckley and even a trip over to Wisconsin for a stop in Superior.

Minnesota Department of Transportation
Minnesota Department of Transportation

The vote for the amendment was 35-31, with the larger bill passing 40-26. Senator Jennifer McEwen from Duluth, argued that the passenger rail project is strongly supported in Duluth and stated it would bring an economic boost.

I was actually excited for the idea. My dad even said he would think about working in the cities and still live in Duluth if he could take a train to and from. Check out a reel of the proposed train below:

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