Everyone talks about doing an overnight in Nopeming, now is your chance to do it.
The Nopeming Sanatorium in Duluth, Minnesota, is a beautiful architectural reminder of this period in our past. As featured on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, and also investigated by Duluth Paranormal did an extensive three-day investigation.The first building was constructed in 1912 and received its first 50 patients suffering from tuberculosis in May of that year. Thousands upon thousands of patients died and were cremated at Nopeming Sanatorium. Most succumbed to tuberculosis or mind debilitating diseases but suicide was also an epidemic that infected the population. Because of the suicides, they had to build cages on the balconies to prevent suicides.

There is also the story of John Wintoniak, in May of 1940, the 35-year-old patient, shot 45-year-old Alex Sufruk five times with a .32-caliber revolver. After assuring the man was dead, John turned the gun on himself and took his own life. Is John still there?

I was fortunate enough to go through the building and investigate everywhere as part of Duluth Paranormal. I was kicked while I was sleeping there and no one was around. A chair that watches the elevator was moved and mysteriously appeared back watching the elevator.
You can investigate, and see what you find. TB patients, Sanitorium, and also a nursing home. It has seen its share of death and interesting people and things taking place.

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