The US Coast Guard has requested the Aerial Lift Bridge be secured to masted navigation today.

From 9:30 am to 2:00 pm The bridge will not be lifting for marine traffic during this time.

For any questions or concerns contact the Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Duluth at 218- 725-3800.

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The Duluth Bridge is operated 24 hours a day, with skilled people at the helm. The bridge is raised and lowered for iron ore and cement ships, sailboats, and excursion tour boats. In the busy seasons of spring and summer, the bridge averages 26 lifts a day. Decades ago, pedestrians were able to ride on the bridge when it was raised. But, this was outlawed in the early 1980s after a horrible accident that claimed the life of a woman when she was crushed by the steel bridge.

The bridge operation is primarily through electric power derived from storage batteries that are charged by generators. If power lines fail, the generators can be operated by a diesel engine. There are two 450 ton concrete block weights on each end, lifted by electronic pulleys to raise and lower the bridge. It is an incredible feat, and a very good reason in itself to come to Duluth to watch the whole operating process.

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