This is an incredible opportunity for our local non-profits to get a bump in their bank account around the holidays thanks to the generosity of Grand Casino Mille Lacs and Hinckley.  I bet you know of a group that could use it.


We all have our favorite non-profit organizations that we believe in.  We support their cause by attending events, buying what they sell and help to spread awareness.  Wouldn't it be cool to help them get $5000 and just for applying?

Grand Casino Mille Lacs and Hinckley are looking to give away $20,000.  Four gifts of $5,000 each to a non-profit in the region.  They are looking for you to make your nominations from now through Thursday,  December 15, 2016.  After the nominations have been received they will have a selection committee that will review and select the four finalists based on eligibility.

A non-profit must be a 501(c)3 and doing charity work in the state of Minnesota.  They must also fit within Grand's giving categories:  health and humans services, arts and culture, education or environment.

How will your non-profit know they won?  They will be surprised by a visit from the Grand Casino Giving Patrol from December 19 through the 22, one a day.  Wouldn't that be exciting!

Use the link below to nominate or share this with someone who can before the end of the day December 15.  Good luck!

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