By now, you've probably heard that the Federal Government has banned incandescent bulbs effective January 2012.  So what is an evergreen toy that uses them to do?  Redesign.

The new Easy Bake Oven may look different from the one you remember growing up, but Hasbro says it is still the same great experience.

Hasbro officials explain:

Michelle Paolino said, "We knew that the light bulbs was going to be phased out and we didn't want moms and girls to be scrambling to find the light bulb once they purchased it."

So, they're going green, getting rid of the energy inefficient light bulbs. In fact, getting rid of light bulbs all together. Now, the oven uses a heating coil, similar to a real oven.

Bottom line - how does it work?

"It allows the kids to bake more evenly to get a more controllable result and bake more and faster than before."

Hasbro reps say the new oven is still safe to use.

So what's the downside?

Parents should know, the price did go up about 20 dollars.


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