The news has diehard Great Brits and "chips"-fans alike hopping mad;  The news has broke that as the sponsor of the games, McDonalds has the rights to french fry sales at the summer Olympics - and they're exercising that clause to keep the monopoly for themselves.  Visitors to the Olympics will only be able to buy Brittish "chips"  if they're paired with their traditional accompaniment:  fish.

A memo to caterers lays out the plan:

Due to sponsorship obligations with McDonald’s, Locog have instructed the catering team they are no longer allowed to serve chips on their own. The only loophole to this is if it is served with fish. Please understand this is not the decision of the staff serving up your meals, who given the choice would gladly give it to you. However they are not allowed.

Experts close to the situation believe that McDonalds total take for the food portion of the games will be somewhere over ten-percent.

The Summer Olympics are set to begin July 27th.



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