Ever wonder what those annoying short text words are all about, someone took the time to explain them, here are the official new definitions to those words from the Oxford English Dictionary, see the list after the break.

♥ to heart
The new sense added to heart v. in this update may be the first English usage to develop via the medium of T-shirts and bumper-stickers. It originated as a humorous reference to logos featuring a picture of a heart as a symbol for the verb love, like that of the famous 'I ♥ NY' tourism campaign. Our earliest quote for this use, from 1984, uses the verb in 'I heart my dog's head', a jokey play on bumper stickers featuring a heart and a picture of the face of a particular breed of dog (expressing a person's enthusiasm for, say, shih-tzus) which itself became a popular bumper sticker. From these beginnings, heart v. has gone on to live an existence in more traditional genres of literature as a colloquial synonym for 'to love'.

Originally and chiefly in the language of electronic communications: 'ha ha!'; used to draw attention to a joke or humorous statement, or to express amusement.

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