Two local veterans Matt Caple and Ben Gibson are owners of Warrior Brewing Company and are hoping once the brewery is up and running they can start offering financial and hands-on assistance to others who have served in the military.

They have a location picked out, which is the former location of Lake Superior Brewing Company at 2711 W. Superior St in Lincoln Park. They predict that they will be brewing by the end of March and have their products in liquor stores soon after that.

The great thing about this company that definitely sets them apart from other businesses is that a part of the proceeds will be going to local non profits that serve veterans and will be offering brewing sessions to them as well. Caple said that they are  closely tied to the community and they want to give back.

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Caple began homebrewing and volunteering at Rocky Mountain Brewery in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a decade ago. And Gibson, started as a homebrewer while stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in Lompoc, California, and was most recently a brewer at Canal Park Brewing Company. Gibson said:

Being a disabled veteran, I've had a lot of opportunities from nonprofits that have helped me out. This will be an important way to give back and shed light on some of the organizations, show other veterans who might not be aware of them, that there is help out there.

This will be a perfect location for them since many parts of Lincoln Park have popped up with various craft breweries, hard cider bar and other businesses revitalizing the whole area, and they are helping out people in the community as well.

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