Hackers seem to be getting more and more creative these days.

The newest scam making its way across the internet targets Facebook users and uses political ads to gain personal information.

Here's how it works: these fake ads lure users by using photos of popular and famous members of all political parties. From there, the ads incentivize users to install solar technology on their homes so they can get a tax break. That is when they are asked to give some personal information. You know the drill from there.

This scam is a bit different from others in that it doesn't take money from its victims directly (or at least, no one has reported being scammed out of money just yet). Instead, the information given gets harvested for future use.

According to the Associated Press, you can't actually buy anything that was being offered. The scams are just a means to an end to get personal information.

This scam seems more believable than others in the area recently and many people actually fell victim to this one. Don't be one of them!

There have been so many scams this year and it's only April!

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