A Republican Minnesota state representative has proposed a bill that would allow  Minnesota counties to vote to join South Dakota.

The bill, titled HF2243, was introduced this week by Representative Jeremy Munson (R-Crystal Lake), who believes that Minnesota has become so politically polarized that St. Paul no longer appropriately represents the rural areas of the state.

"A County process established to request approval to be excluded from the Territory of Minnesota, application and final approval of exclusion request requirements established, and constitutional amendment proposed."

Munson tweeted his vision of what a new map would look like if Minnesota's rural areas did vote to join South Dakota.

According to Representative Munson's webpage in support of his bill, "state lines have been relocated many times in American history because it just takes an interstate compact between two state legislatures and the approval of Congress. He also shares that five Counties in the State of Oregon are voting this May on whether to join Idaho.

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There are those who believe that this bill will not receive enough support from his peers to go anywhere. If that is the case, this was likely proposed as more of a publicity stunt then an actual viable idea. However, in this day and age anything is possible.

If we're talking about bills that change our surroundings to better suit us rather than just moving having the gumption to move somewhere else, can we start one to change Minnesota's weather to allow for warmer springs and no more winter arctic blasts in the northern part of the state?

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