April is here which means winter is pretty much in the rearview. (Although, anything is possible in the Northland. Ha!)

Because April is a month of transition from winter into spring, the weather can be all over the place at times. We see rain and snow and warmth and you just never know until it gets a bit closer.

Now, the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center is offering insight, releasing an outlook for the entire country for the month of April.

According to their predictions, the Twin Ports is looking at a strong probability of seeing above average temperatures for this time of the year. Outside of the area, the rest of Minnesota and Wisconsin can also expect above average temperatures but the strongest chance for them is in the Duluth / Superior and immediate surrounding areas.

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When it comes to precipitation in the Twin Ports, it looks like April showers will be the norm. We are looking at a moderate chance for above average precipitation. It looks like we will see a lot of May flowers.

Near the end of March, the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center released an outlook through the first week of April. I am glad they extended it for the entire month so we can have a little bit of an idea what we are getting into!

We all know the weather can be unpredictable in the Duluth and Superior area, and Minnesota and Wisconsin as a whole. One Mankato meteorologist had a little fun with this fact with a recent weather forecast and has since gone viral for it.

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