Oh snap! Duluth and Minnesota are becoming a hot spot for movie productions. A big movie is set to start filming in the Northland shortly.

It was recently announced that a big movie was filming in Minnesota. A star-studded cast is set to film a big movie in Minneapolis. The cast includes big stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Lily Rabe and Finn Wittrock.

A cool horror film was shot in Lincoln Park last year. The film is called The Hand That Feeds and was shot at The Caddy Shack, a popular spot in the Duluth area. The film is making its debut later this month and will be released widely later this year.

The film follows a man named Russell who loses his father and "inherits more responsibility than he bargained for" after his passing. It looks really scary and I can't wait to see it soon. The film also stars many locals who were cast in supporting and lead roles.

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Now, Duluthians looking to get into the business have another chance to do so with a new movie that will be filming in the area in late April and May. The film's name and description weren't given but the film is "in negotiations to be aired on a prominent, national network" according to a Facebook post.

Wow! The film organizers are looking for extras while the movie is in town shooting. The extra roles aren't paid but you will be served lunch and will be credited in the film as an extra. Plus, you will be on their shortlist next time they come film a movie in Duluth.

The extra roles they are seeking are college students in a college setting. If you are interested, here are the dates and how many extras they need:

  • 25 extras on April 29th
  • 25 extras on April 30th
  • 10 extras on May 2nd

If you are interested, you can even be an extra for several different days. You will simply need to bring a different outfit for each day you appear as an extra. How awesome! If you are interested, you can reach out to thesquirrelholler@gmail.com.

As mentioned, the plot of the film is under wraps for now and no details or title is given. However, considering the movie might air on a big and national network means it could be a big break for someone who wants to break into Hollywood or for someone interested in the film industry.

A few years back, a romantic Christmas movie was filmed in Minnesota, just a few hours from Duluth. It was a big deal because it ended up airing on Lifetime, which is a massive network. It is fun to see Minnesota in the spotlight.

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