About two weeks ago my daughter, Kylee, texted me that she thought she had a disease.  That prompted a phone call from mom!  I found out that she had what looked like a bite with the skin around it hardening.  I suggested a visit to the doctor, but she was busy with work, school and getting ready to leave for Spring Break.  Until the next day when it got worse.

After waking up with her arm even worse than the night before she made the decision to visit the doctor.  She was diagnosed with possible Lyme's disease, probable spider bite.  She was given an antibiotic and off to Myrtle Beach for spring break she went.  The antibiotic worked quickly and she had a grand time.  Now the problem.

She wasn't home from spring break for a day and I received another picture of another bite!  Now she and I are sorta freaked out.  We know it's happening in her room since she was "bite-free" while on spring break and it happened as soon as she returned.

So, I need your advice.  Has anyone dealt with something like this?  What can we do, is there something made specifically for getting rid of spiders?  I saw Slug Away at Menard's, if they have something to take care of getting rid of slugs, they must have something for spiders. H E L P!


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