This is truly understandable. A spider caused a slight traffic hiccup Thursday morning.

Around 4 in the morning, the Minnesota Department of Transportation sent out a tweet, stating that a spider was causing "traffic issues" on NB 280.

A motorist with a fear of spiders spotted one in her car when she was driving, causing her to pull over to the shoulder.

The tweet also stated that first responders were on the scene. The traffic snafu occurred just prior to Highway 36.

Check out the tweet below:

Many people chimed in, saying they understand why the lady pulled over and that they would do the same thing. Hopefully, she has bounced back since the incident. Ha!

To be honest, I get it too! If I saw a clown or there was a red nose in my car, I would definitely pull over. It's also a better option than speeding off to the nearest exit and potentially causing harm to others!

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