How many girls want to be models? They dream of being on the runway in the latest clothes, or on the pages of the latest magazine. So many times girls feel they have to go without eating and wear the latest fashions and less clothing to show their body. According to a talent/model scout, get a job at McDonald's.

According to DailyMail, Lanny Zenga, who works for One Management, explained to Fashionista that New York areas with a high volume of foreigners and mid-westerners - like Times Square and Herald Square - tend to yield more model-worthy girls. Mr Zenga says, scouts head for busy shops like H&M, Urban Outfitters and Zara, as well as chain restaurants like McDonald's Wendy's, and Jamba Juice, hoping to find girls who fit the criteria.

He says he can see the attitude with the order taking, the movement of the body, and the smile. He says late spring and summer are the times to scout for talent. This is the time the girls aren't wearing layers and you can tell body type. He goes on to say that it isn't about beauty it's about bone structure and body awareness.

He is a model himself and knows what to spot. He also says most runway models don't start regular work till age 18, according to new regulations. He says that you can get them working at age 16 doing clothing and make up or other fashion modeling and then can be shaped and readied for the business.

So if you think you have it, flaunt it! Then, get used to saying this, "Do you want fried with that?"