When I say Will Ferrel you probably think silly. I do too, but I found myself glued to the tv watching his new Netflix movie.

Rachel McAdams (The Notebook) is his co-star, and even Pierce Brosnan is in the movie. Let me just say, he looks really good with a beard.

The Eurovision song contest is a big deal in Europe and so that's where the story starts. We follow an Icelandic duo of Lars and Sigrid from a small town in Iceland. They are not a good band but they are ambitious. Their town doesn't like them and they have laughed at their original music for years. They enter the Iceland song contest and without ruining the surprise, move on to the next round. All this time there is a love story developing.

Sigrid is madly in love with Lars, and Lars loves Sigrid but is more in love with winning the contest. They get to the contest and round one is a disaster, but they move on.

Meanwhile, one of the other contestants is trying to derail them and is in love with Sigrid. After the disaster, Lars wants to quit and he goes back home to work for his father's fishing business and be unhappy. When he learns he has won over his father and the town. What does he do?

He decides to go back win over Sigrid. All he has to do is make it back in time to sing with her. He has now realized, winning the contest is not as important and winning her.

The songs are fun, the singing is awesome. I didn't see this as a silly movie at all. I expected an over the top stupid move that was incredibly funny. Instead, what I got was a movie with good music, some silly parts, good acting, and drama. I believe that Will and Rachel are Lars and Sigrid and the movie was good.

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