Because of COVID-19 based shutdowns and layoffs, people have been forced to do something else, here's an opportunity to get help.

A new opportunity is coming from DEED (Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development). It's a program called Coursera, it's an online learning resource for people in Minnesota. If you are wanting to change jobs because you lost yours or your situation because you need to learn more to get ahead or just a raise. This would be for you.

How does it work? Like I said before, you have to live in Minnesota, you have to register by September 30th,  and you have to have an email address. Once you sign up, you will have free access to the full Coursera catalog of learning. A person could earn credentials and certifications. Once you are in, you have access to the platform until March of 2021.

Once you register it's about a three-day wait for the confirmation. Once you get it you have full rights to the website or mobile site. The website says there are over 3800 courses and training modules from over 200 businesses and universities. For example, there are 60 courses from the University of Minnesota.

This is not a way to skip college or get a college degree, it is something to help people who might need a little more training for their job or to change jobs. It's also meant to give training without having in-person learning, to keep social distancing.

For any questions or problems, you can email with ”Coursera” in the subject line.

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