The name of the film is "Virginia Minnesota". Sound familiar?  Writer/Director Daniel Stine chose the Northland as the setting for his inagural film.  That film is now available on a variety of on-demand video platforms - including Amazon Prime.

Without going into a lot of detail that would give the film away, "Virginia Minnesota" is a dramatic comedy that follows two childhood friends who experienced a tragic situation while growing up that separated them.  Now in their young adult lives, they are reuniting.  The title of the film comes from the setting for them film; set in Northern Minnesota, the film also utilizes the north shore and Lake Superior for scenes that will look familiar to just about everyone who lives here.

I have to admit that I have not watched the movie - but I did scan the provided trailer preview.  In just that short amount of video time, I instantly recognized many settings and locations from around the Northland.  I also noticed that the producers took the realistic approach in utilizing a Two Harbors police squad car for one of the scenes.

The film co-stars Aurora Perrineau and Rachel Hendrix.



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