Even before the snow is all gone in the Northland, orange cones will make their way onto our roadways signaling the start of the summer construction season.  The once 3-month period of road construction has stretched into 7 or 8 months these days, with the advancement in equipment and technology.  With all of that work going in, it's more important than ever for drivers to slow down, be aware, and travel through constructions zones in a safe manner.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has joined highway departments all around the country to shine the light of safety during National Work Zone Awareness Week, April 9-13.  MNDOT's official summer road construction season kicked off on April 4 and a busy season lies ahead.

According to information released by MNDOT, seven people died in a work zone-related crash during the past four years and more than 1,700 fatal or serious injury crashes occurred during the same time period.  Nationally, a work zone crash happens every 5.4 minutes, with 70 crashes happening every day.


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